The Barry & Virginia Weinman Symposium

Lewis Cantley, Ph.D.

Tak Mak, Ph.D.

Craig Thompson, M.D.

11th Annual Weinman Award Recipients

This year's Weinman Award is given to three distinguished scientists working in the field of cancer cell metabolism:

  • Lewis Cantley, PhD.
  • Tak Mak, PhD.
  • Craig Thompson, M.D.

Lewis Cantley, PhD.

Weil Cornell Medical College
New York, NY, USA

Dr. Cantley is a "leading cancer researcher whose transformative research into the mechanisms that drive the development of cancer has encouraged new approaches to therapy. He is credited with discovering a family of enzymes that are fundamental to cell growth. His most significant contribution to cancer research has been his 1988 discovery of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway. This work revealed how biochemical signaling pathways control normal cell growth and trigger the development of cancer when they are defective." (Quote from American Association for Cancer Research)

Tak Mak, PhD.

Professor, Director of Advanced Medical Discovery Institute
Director, The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research
Senior Scientist, Division of Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada

Dr. Mak co-discovered the t-cell receptor, a key component of the immune system. His research is concentrated on gaining fundamental knowledge of the biology of cells in normal and disease settings, and in particular on the mechanisms underlying immune responses and tumorigenesis. (Quote from the American Association for Cancer Research)

Craig Thompson, M.D.

President and CEO Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, NY, USA
Craig Thompson studies molecular signaling pathways that regulate nutrient uptake and the role these pathways play in the regulation of cell growth and survival.