The Barry & Virginia Weinman Symposium

11th Symposium Photo Gallery (2019)

When every aspect of an event seems effortlessly fantastic, it’s because everyone showed up and focused on contributing to the collective effort. This year’s Weinman Symposium combined great science with excellent presentations and cooperative efforts of all of the scientists who participated.

The weather gods offered flawless weather as well. We’d had two weeks of rain and wind prior to the 11th Annual Symposium, but the trade winds swept away the clouds and we had sunshine and light trade winds for the duration of the event.

The symposium was so fun that a number of participants decided to rent a boat and go fishing the day after the event ended. Dr. Carbone promised that he’d cook anything they caught – so they brought home three beautiful tuna. It seems that great scientists can also fish!

A perfect day for the reception

A perfect day for the reception

On the way to the boat!

Going fishing!

The fishermen prepare to board

Fresh mahi marinate while Xiu stirs risotto

Drs Carbone and Beutler show off their catch...fresh local tuna!

Xiu and Dr. Carbone cook for the reception

Seafood risotto served at the reception

Past Symposiums

10th Weinman Symposium Photo Gallery (2018)

Slideshow of photos from the 10th Annual Weinman Symposium
Photos from Ray Monnat, Beth Carbone, and Nana Ohkawa


2017 Symposium Speakers


2016 Symposium Speakers

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