12th Annual Symposium Focus

The 12th Symposium will focus on Gene-Environment interaction.

12th Annual Symposium Dates

TBD (check in)



Weinman Symposium Sponsors

The Weinman Symposium is sponsored by the Barry & Virginia Weinman Foundation. Since 2014, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) has been a co-sponsor of the annual meeting.

Registration for the 12th Annual Weinman Symposium will be announced when the pandemic is under control.

The Barry & Virginia Weinman Symposium

12th Annual Weinman Symposium

In 2010, Barry and Virginia Weinman created the Weinman Foundation Fund for Innovation, gifting the University of Hawaii Cancer Center with a $1.7M fund. Through this generous gift, the annual Weinman Symposium was established. The goal of the two-day conference is to bring together international experts from different fields of science and medicine, promoting collaboration and brainstorming about specific themes in cancer research.

Barry and Virginia Weinman

Barry & Virginia Weinman

Barry & Virginia Weinman have made enormous philanthropic contributions to encourage innovation in medical research in Honolulu.

Weinman Symposium Ensures Continued Partnerships

University of Hawai'i Cancer Center

University of Hawai'i Cancer Center

The setting of the beautiful University of Hawai'i Cancer Center provides backdrop for free exchange of ideas and information.

12th Annual Weinman Award Recipients

12th Annual Weinman Award Recipients

The 12th Annual Weinman Award Recipients will be announced on a future date.

About The Symposium

About the Symposium
9th Annual Weinman Symposium dinner at Dr. Carbone’s home. From left to right: Carlo Croce, Michele Carbone, Harvey Pass, Ann Sharp, Bruce Beutler, Philip Sharp (2017 Award recipient), and Wei Jia.

Speakers will present information about the biological mechanisms of these syndromes, along with techniques for helping to improve the lives of people affected by them.

This two-day conference features experts in genetic syndromes from around the world, along with scientists and physicians at the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center.

The meetings are free and open to the public.

January 22 – 24, 2020 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

The 11th Annual Weinman Symposium is from January 23 through January 24, 2020. Speakers from out of town are invited to arrive on January 22 to attend a speaker dinner hosted by the Weinman Symposium.
The Weinman Symposium is hosted by the University of Hawaii’s Cancer Center, at 701 Ilalo Street, in the Kaka’ako area of downtown Honolulu. The two-days of speaker events are conducted in the Sullivan Conference Center, which is located on the ground floor of the Cancer Center. The public is welcome to attend.
The overarching goal of the Weinman Symposium is to encourage excellence in science by inviting experts from around the world to share their research and ideas with scientists, professors, and physicians in Hawaii. Each year, the Weinman Symposium Selection Committee, led by Drs. Michele Carbone, Bruce Beutler, Carlo Croce and Haining Yang, determines a theme for the upcoming meeting.
This year’s focus is on cancer cell metabolism.
Each year, past Weinman speakers and the Directors of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers, along with a few distinguished scientists, are asked to nominate an individual for the award. The selection committee reviews the nominations and chooses the winner. For the 10th Annual Weinman Symposium, the selection committee included Drs. Michele Carbone (Chair), Bruce Beutler, Carlo Croce, and Haining Yang.
If you are a scientist or researcher with peer-reviewed publications in high-quality journals, you are invited to submit your proposal for a 20-minute lecture to Dr. Michele Carbone, Chair of the selection committee. Dr. Michele Carbone and the selection committee meets to decide upon the next year’s theme and select speakers.
The Annual Weinman Symposium is free and open to the public, and we encourage members of the community to attend. In particular, high school and college students interested in science are welcome to attend.
If you are an individual with an interest in science and medicine, we welcome your attendance as a member of the audience in the Sullivan Center at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. You can find a schedule of speakers and topics here. [link to be added later]
If you are affiliated with a public or private university, middle- or high-school on O’ahu, we encourage you to bring a group of students to the meeting. Because the Sullivan Conference Center has a limited amount of space, please send an email to (info@weinmansymposium.com) and set the Subject to "Student Group request for Weinman Symposium".
Yes, all invited speakers attend the conference and participate in question and answer sessions during the two-day conference.